A Door Made of Windows

September 06 2014

A Door Made of Windows

on display at TOIC TEMESCAL through October 1st. 2014. 

4731 Telegraph Ave 12 - 10 PM, Oakland CA. 

A Door Made of Windows

"This is a collection of work I’ve made and carried with me over the last four years. Each piece is cobbled together from different places I’ve been: Talkeetna, Oberlin, Siena, Avignon, Paris, Oakland.

My curiosity in this process is how impressions are gathered and integrated over time. I notice myself locate patterns of feeling, themes, recurring images, colors, and phrases, as experiences rise up and then fall away again.

Sometimes this sifting, this careful attention, yields moments of insight, a space to step through.

I present these works as a small series of connections. What I love is to gather, to set things beside one another. I love to witness how we make meaning out of our little snippets of memory.

I feel such deep gratitude for all of the love offered to me in this process. The landscapes I’ve moved through, the friends and family who have been beside me, too many wonderfuls to list. Nothing I do comes from just me. Thank you."

-Hannah Hamler

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