Artworks by Tamiko Sidore

August 03 2014

On display at TOIC TEMESCAL through September 3rd 2014

Open daily 12 - 10 pm

Etchings and Illustrations by Tamiko Sidore

Raised with both a Japanese and American background, Tamiko's inability to fit into either culture led her to take special interests with social constructs. This set her up to be an ambiguous person full of contradictions, and to this day it is a challenge for her to find a balance within herself. She cannot help but to percieve through multiple perspectives and to notice flaws in any sort of fixedness; the tension that comes from this uncertainty is her point of interest. Her work possesses the duality of being controlled and spontaneous, quiet and noisy, whimsical and melancholy, but she tries not to allow anything to fall too far to one side of a spectrum. Masks symbolize the temporary state of roles and a refusal to make oneself vulnerable. Severed limbs symbolize powerlessness. Creatures gather to experience a spectacle, but there is still disconnection and tension. The condition of this utopia/dystopia forces the viewer to consider where the fairy tale ends and when it starts to resemble reality. Creating art is a way for Tamiko to explore her interests in the multidimensionality of human relations.

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