Elias Duchowny: First Show

February 27 2012

Elias Duchowny: First Show

Artist Reception Friday March 2nd 6-10PM.

MARCH 1st through 30th @ 4731Telegraph Ave.


Artist Reception March 2nd 6-10PM. Elias is 12 years young and incredibly talented. We are so honored to offer the space for his first show. This young man has a bright future and I welcome you all to view his work. Come March 2nd and meet him in person! 

Here is his statement:

"These are images of people in the east bay who are poor and having a hard time, but who are also feeling hopeful because people are starting to wake up and see the inequality in America and wanting to do something about it together.

As an artist I have grown up in the east bay seeing with my own eyes the inequalities in my community and it has made me feel bad. I feel compassion for all the people I see who are struggling and I hope things get easier for them. The occupy movement has made me feel hope that things could get better and more people will be happy and feeling safe in the East Bay.

My name is Elias Duchowny, I am 12 years old and go to middle school. Art is my passion. I can’t imagine a day where I couldn’t at least draw. I love my surroundings, those are the things that inspire me, especially people and animals. I love my dogs and my family and my friends.

I go to a school without any art classes. My school doesn’t think that art is a priority. I do.

Thank you…"

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