Oakland Shop Art Opening / Reception: Every Day Visions

February 24 2011

Oakland Shop Art Opening / Reception: Every Day Visions

the brown bag series

A Collection of Photographs by Joseph Mintz

Exhibiton Dates:  February 24th - March 24th
Artist Reception: Sat., February 26, 6 to 9pm
LocationTOIC in Oakland

Every Day Visions is an ongoing series that pulls from the different roles that I find myself in throughout the week.  I am a student and a teacher, a musician and an artist, a partner and a friend.  As I move through these roles in my day-to-day life, different projects emerge.  Although the images range in style and content, I believe there is a common thread that brings them all together to convey something about how I experience the world.

For this installment of Every Day Visions, I am entirely using brown bag material.  This kind of paper is one that most of us have had contact with and touched with our hands; it is an everyday material.  The color and texture of brown paper bags has always been beautiful to me, and it’s the kind of beauty that can often go un-noticed due to its everyday-ness.  The concept of the ordinary and overlooked beauty fits in perfectly with the kind of images that I strive to make with a camera.  The tone of the paper bag infuses some warmth into a black & white photo, and the non-traditional paper offers the viewer a look at the content from a slightly different perspective.  I hope you enjoy the images!


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