Kelsey Bowen Fine Art & Pottery

November 30 2016

Kelsey Bowen Fine Art & Pottery

Opening Reception Friday Dec. 2nd 6 - 10pm. 

On display through February 1st. 2017

4731 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA. 94609

Kelsey says, "My work is a dialogue between contemporary events and human memory stitched into an illustrative narrative. The lives and emotions of children, both in my life and researched through the outside media, are often subjects that I explore. Conditions of childhood, dark humor, and the playful notions of youth are recurring themes in my pieces. I compare contemporary media to moments with the afterschool program children that I worked with in 2013 and is heavily influenced by the way that children perceive and explain what they experience. This distorted child-lens through which their stories and understandings are derived is a quality of surrealism that fascinates and fuels my research and work.

My tactile relationship with clay pushes the medium to pretend to be something it isn’t, creating an experience like childish make-believe that translates the clay into my surreal landscapes and stories. The chameleon blending of clay from one object to another adds a cohesiveness to the ideas of memory, making all aspects of the narrative esthetically come from the same line of thought or tangent of ideas."

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