December 04 2014


Art Opening Friday December 5th
6 - 10pm ~ A show made of glass ~
On display until February 4th, 2015
TOIC Temescal ~ 4731 Telegraph Ave.

Collaborating artists Jasmine Ho, Ian Axe, and Emme Mandara bring to life LossWell, a mixed media installation that depicts the complex spaces between “wholeness” and “void.” In commemoration of the upcoming holiday season, each of these artists has considered and explored their own sources of joy, and in turn they have contemplated the counterpart to their happiness. In this way, LossWell is a mediator between the lost and found, sour and sweet, pious and wicked, and of course, night and day. In the end we see that these are each integrated into a greater entity, and that neither is so well informed without the other. Be it with a deck of unpredictable glass cards, cosmic cityscapes or rustic overpasses, this installation illustrates a scene in which the sun could be rising or setting, and the decision relies on nothing but the flip of a coin. LossWell is a question of both passion and fear: how does one choose to stand in the light, all the while knowing that the brightest illuminations may cast the densest shadows?

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