Oakland Shop Art Exhibit: “MAYBE THIS TIME”

October 27 2011

Oakland Shop Art Exhibit: “MAYBE THIS TIME”

A Collection of Paintings by Karen Rangel

Artist Reception: November 4th 6-10 PM
Exhibiton Dates: November 3rd to December 3rd
LocationTOIC in Oakland

::Maybe This Time::
is a collection of paintings and block prints that I've created over the years, especially this past one. The title is referring to the trial and error of the things that we do in art, in learning and in life. I would say I am self-taught for having not gone to school but truthfully I have had mentors all along the way teaching by example, encouraging progress and inspiring in every direction, pushing me to try new mediums and techniques and study other artists as well.

As a child, my mom always made art supplies available to me. There was no set time to do art, it was all the time. I remember the smell of the Tupperware full of crayons that would barely close, the feel of children's scissors on construction paper and the click of a Crayola marker cap. My dad would make origami cranes and frogs out of the paper place mats at restaurants when we waited to be served. As an adult, that art flow never stopped and I continue to encourage my own two children to use their creativity as their voice. The masterpieces they've created on the Magnadoodle and quickly erased have taught me a lesson, the magic we can draw is temporary and doesn't do justice to what the minds eye sees, but we try anyway.

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