Oakland Shop Art Opening / Reception: “One for One Hundred: Catching Tales”

March 26 2011

A Collection of photographs by Scott Finsthwait

Exhibition Dates: March 26 - April 26
Artist Reception: Friday April 1, 6 - 10 PM

Photograph by Scott Finthwait

"Catching Tales: One for One Hundred" is a self-assigned photo project I began on February 1st in which I take and make public one abstract, frequently Rorschach-ish photo a day for one hundred days.

"In general, however, I feel deep anxiety around these subjects and can get emotionally overwhelmed thinking about and trying to reconcile the lack of ownership and responsibility reflected in Waste and Destruction.  The nearer I get and the closer I look, though, the less anxious I feel. Seeing these from a new perspective becomes an exciting adventure, and if I can focus on what is right in front of me instead of the “Big Picture, as it's not overwhelming; it's calming, like a whole other world exists of which most people, myself, included are largely unaware and ignorant."

Scott Finsthwait is a school teacher by day and photographer morning, noon, and night.

For more information contact Scott Finsthwait

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