Selections From Arcana Majora

March 01 2017

Selections From Arcana Majora

Show Opens Friday March 3rd 6 to 10pm.

TOIC Temescal 4731 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 

Mixed Media Sculpture by Julie Carrasco on display through April 5th. 

The Tarot is a rich visual language that has fascinated many for centuries. Its use of symbols and imagery represent universal archetypes contemplated and reinterpreted time and time again. Traditionally, the Tarot was a deck of cards used for games in Europe. Later, the deck was exoticized and attributed a mystique by esoteric writers and used for divination. The deck is divided into court cards with numbers and suits, called the “Minor Arcana,” and trump cards, called the “Major Arcana,” translating to, “major mysteries.” I chose to meditate on the Major Arcana and its poetic subliminal subtext. Its archetypes sparked an intricate inner conversation. With both traditional and tradigital techniques, I use symbols from classical visual languages interwoven with original compositions. I aim to strike a balance and grip at the tenuous mortal prima materia.

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