Oakland Shop Art Opening / Reception: “Winter Wonders”

December 15 2010

An Excerpt from The Marcus Kelli Collection

Location: TOIC, Oakland
Artists Reception- December 18th, 6:30 - 9:30
Exhibition Dates- December 17th – January 15th

Winter Wonders: An Excerpt from The Marcus Kelli Collection (OAKLAND, CA) – December 13th, 2010 -  Winter Wonders is an event created by Danielle Schlunegger, located at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream in Oakland.

Danielle Schlunegger excavates curiosities of the human spirit through the naturalist, Marcus Kelli. Kelli's narrative is presented through his books and journals in addition to his impressive collection of specimens. Kelli's curiosity of the natural world takes form in his thirst for knowledge and is translated through Schlunegger using authentic materials and found objects to create functional artifacts evocative of this poetic history.

Deer from Winter Wonders “Winter Wonders” celebrates Specimens that clutched to life through the harsh months of winter serving as inspiration to persevere and to hold tightly the things we cherish.

Transformed from texts and books, the creatures take shape as sculptural specimens that are an integral part of the Marcus Kelli Collection. The creatures’ text shows through fur, leaves, seedpods, and the other natural ephemera they are created from, so that each specimen has a history and link to nature.. Each of their stories intertwine with Marcus, who collected them as he ventured between the lines of Naturalism.

For more information contact: Danielle Schlunegger (805) 766-2809, danielle@schlunegger.com    www.schlunegger.com

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