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Adzuki Black Sesame

Adzuki Black Sesame

One of everyone’s favorites. A Japanese red bean used in a lot of East Asian deserts. They have a nutty, sweet flavor, and we pair the bean with toasted black sesame seed. Try it in a fresh homemade sesame waffle cone!


  • Web Grrrl

    Web Grrrl

    mmmmm.  this is the best!

  • Lucy Hill

    Lucy Hill

    I’ve tried lots of home made ice cream. They are always the best. But I think I should give this one a try. Sounds very good, my tongue deserves this pleasure. smile Thanks for the post!

  • Lynda Bay

    Lynda Bay

    Wow! This sounds interesting. Nice post!

  • Lynda Bay

    Lynda Bay

    Wow! Now my mind is telling me to really taste it. smile I will be heading to ice cream parlors and ice cream kiosks looking for this tomorrow.

  • Leona Davis

    Leona Davis

    Love to taste it! Yum Yum.

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