TOIC Shop Menu

TOIC Shop Menu
Photo by Tom James


baby cup 2.25  //  sm cup 3.50
med cup 5.10  //  lg cup 6.5


baby cone 3  //  sm cone 4.25
med cone 6  //  lg cone 7.35


frappes, floats, or smoothies 6.5

Floats are available with root beer, ginger ale, or cherry cola. select your ice cream or sorbet flavor. Apple pie, chocolate, vanilla, dulce de leche, creamsicle, lemon meringue pie, or create your own frappe. Elvis, mangolicious, berry supreme, or create your own smoothie. 


fudge, caramel, cashews, hazelnuts, gluten-free brownie pieces, chocolate chips, graham craker, & olive oil  .75
whip cream or Himalayan pink salt  .75

a cone alone 1
s/o fudge/ caramel 3.0


Selections of ice cream or sorbet pops change daily. Ask your server. 4

Pops are made daily and are offered in a wide variety of flavors. They are available as Ice Cream Pops or Sorbet Pops.

Gluten Free Ice Cream Brownie Sandwiches 

Tara's Organic Ice Cream paired up with Mariposa Baking Co. to make these incredibly delicious triple chocolate brownie ice cream sandwiches. We fill the brownies with various ice cream flavors and availability changes. 5.75


pint 10